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Re: Looping sound and image

Some links on loops and art installations...

The San Francisco Exploratorium installation had a soundtrack that consisted of loops of varying lengths, on auto-repeat cassette decks playing non synchronously. So he had four cassette decks playing different length loops in 8 different channels (as far as I could tell they were not "stereo" mixes on the tapes but actually two different non-synchronous tracks), and then he localized the channels through speakers scattered through the installations so standing at any one spot you would hear a blend of loops through different speakers. These "loops" were actually fairly long, and the "soundtrack" itself was essentially one huge loop - Eno guestimated that it would take some 127 weeks for the loop to precisely repeat itself. But from a listener perspective repetetive elements were pretty recognizable. It sounds like Eno may have used the same source material at various locations, but each random configuration of the starting of the cassettes would create a fairly unique juxtaposition of the source loops.


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Subject: Looping sound and image

I'm in the process of producing a video installation, which will consist of several screens / speakers playing loops of corresponding sound and image.  For example, one source might be someone clapping a rhythm, with the sound looping one bar, with video of the person's hands looping a slightly shorter section, such that they move in and out of phase with each other gradually.  There will be maybe five screens playing at the same time, each of which will also phase with eachother.  Obviously, I'm greatly inspired by Steve Reich's early tape pieces, and other loop-based music.  I don't know how aware anyone on this list is of installation art practice and so on, but if anyone can refer me to similar or related work or literature, or simply share any thoughts about what I am trying to, that would be greatly appreciated.