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Re: "UN"

Cara -

After seeing your command of EDP capabilities leaning toward "sociable"
music-making last week, I feel like a complete EDP novice!
I'm still trying to grok all that I picked up last week.

Anyone with an opportunity to see Cara loop would be well advised to check
it out.


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>   Had the pleasure of meeting David K in CT last week, so we could go 
> Loop IV on the plex', and -was warmly gifted with several of his CDs.  So
> am looking forward to curling up with them this weekend.  Thanks David,
> the terrific company, and the great music!   -and thanks Michael, for the
> recommendation.   David is definitely a most talented and instinctive
> player.  I've definitely enjoyed what I've heard so far both in person 
> on the discs I've been able to catch so far.  -can't wait for the 
> CQ
> At 05:08 PM 12/5/03 EST, you wrote:
> >just listened to david kirkdoffer's cd "UN" and what a treat.....seven
> >of  very interesting textures coming from a guitar.....ambient in nature
> >with a nice sense of melody.....easy to drift off listening to this 
> and
> >forgetting that it is guitar, really well done.....i would love to see
> >play and get a better understanding of "what" he is doing or should i 
> >undoing.....THANKS DAVID, GREAT WORK.....this was material that david
> recorded from
> >1996-1997.....i makes me wonder what he's doing today!.....michael
> >
> >
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