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RE: question about stopbox loopers

Most people I know put their looping devices and reverb units (aka time 
based effects) after distortion, volume, wah, etc (aka amplitude based 
effects). This allows you to lay a loop of your instrument sounding like 
thing, then change the tone of your instrument for accompaniment or more 

Don't feel like there's some sort of rule you must follow though. I would 
suggest experimenting with different setups for different recordings and 

Personally, I arrange my looping units in sequence (one feeds into the 
other). This makes it easier to build fragmented and complex loops fairly 
quickly, especially when they're not in sync. Most other people I've seen 
with multiple loopers run them parallel, so they have more control over 
working with each loop independently.

>"Gareth Hardwick" <gareth@olympia50.freeserve.co.uk> done wrote: I've got 
>few questions for those of you who use stompbox loopers,
>particularly people who use two or more in their signal chan.
>How are they placed in the signal chain? For example are they run in 
>(one looper after another), or parrallel (using an AB box/line selector)?
>Is one looper placed before or after any particular effect in their signal
>I'm asking because i'm currently running two loopers (either a Boss DD-20,
>DD-6 or RC-20, depending on my mood) in series and i'm curious on whether
>their positions in my line of effects pedals is making the best use of 

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