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Re: dl4 volume problem

>> Hi,
>> I've had a line dl4 for abut a year, and been quite happy with it so
>> far...since about two weeks ago, I plugged a mic in the second input
>> along with my guitar still in the first. That shouldn't cause any
>> problem though...???
>> Basically what happens is that when I record a loop, it now plays
>> very very low (almost silent) and the problem is fixed if I plugin
>> something in the second input when recording!!! Did any one went
>> through something like that? (tried resetting and enabling/disabling
>> bypass, but didn't make any change). Many thanks
> If you are plugging the mic directly into the DL-4 you probably
> wouldn't get much volume at all.  You would need some kind of a
> pre-amp between your mic and the DL-4, if I'm understanding you
> correctly.
> John

Hi John, I'm sorry I've been confusing. The mic thing was just the starting
point of not getting any sound through my guitar. But meanwhile, magic, 
found the answer. I read somewhere that the dl4 keeps in memory the last
settings before it's switched of. So I tried that (putting the mix volume 
and unplugging it) and it didn't work. Then I said "wait a minute", there
was one jack in each input when I last switched it off so I tried it like
that. And resetted it like that by the way, so I dn't know what did it but
now it's working again!!!!!