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Re: VSTi help

On 03-11-30 22.29,  "S V G" <vsyevolod@yahoo.com> wrote:

>    Thanks very much for all the informative help on VSTi hosts.  So far 
> compiled the
> following products from you guys:
>    Audiomulch.com
>    Xlutop.com
>    FLstudio.com
>    In researching them, I find that they all do so much more than just 
> hosting.  As I'm
> just looking for a way to try out these free VST instruments from 
>Elogoxa, I
> would like to find a
> simple and inexpensive way to see if these Elogoxa instruments are 
>worthy of
> further exploration.
> I found that the ProTools demo will do this for me (VSTi hosting)... if 
>I have
> Windows 98 or ME.
> Otherwise I'm SOL with my current Win2000 and XP options.  I hate 
> software just to find
> out that it doesn't do things that I'm interested in.
>    Any further suggestions?

Yes. Rick Walker just posted his testimony on V-box.

Best wishes

Per Boysen