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TC Electronics/G Major Problem

I have TC Gmajor that has decided to die suddenly.  I haven't used it in a 
while and yesterday i hooked it up in front of a little practice amp.  The 
weather was kinda cold for a change (35 F).  I turned the Gmajor on and 
the backlight in the LED came on.  The toggle switch lights didn't come 
Eventually the paramaters and patches showed up and the unit was audible.  
Fifteen minutes later there is no sound and the LED is stuck on one 
patch/screen w/no sound and the toggle lights are not lighting up.  Turned 
it on today and nothing but the Green and Orange backlight comes on no 
nothing... I got this earlier this year and the web site doesn't have 
anything except a question and answer support.  Anyone know what i am 


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