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Re: Another dream looper feature wish

At 03:27 PM 11/27/2003, Travis wrote:
>I wish mute could behave differently depending on whether you were muting 
>or unmuting.  For example, muting at the end of a cycle, unmuting 

try the retrigger command, either by midi or Mute->Undo with the 
frontpanel/footpedal. When you have quantize on, muting is quantized, 
unmuting is quantized, and retrigger is not quantized (happens 
immediately.) This gives you different options. If you use midi more 
extensively, you can also do things like having a preset for quantize on 
and one for off, and combine that with the midi commands to construct a 
custom command how you want.

>The Official Travis Hartnett Website:

I just listened to all the tracks you have on your website. Very nice! 
Excellent mood for this particular evening.


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