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Re: Silent vs. noise

Since the subject of Reed's Metal Machine Music has come up, and since 
this is a list about looping, folks may want to check out: 

It's all about cellist Ulrich Maiss' rendering of MMM. I saw his 
performance here in Toronto, and it was most impressive. Loud, too. I 
really needed the earplugs that were being given out, but then I was in 
the second row.

He not only gave a fairly close rendering of the sounds, but he also broke 
it up into four "movements" as one would hear if listening to the original 
LP. I don't recall hearing the CD version, so can't say if that is the 

Oh, and there's lots of looping too. I remember he had a Line-6, but can't 
be sure of the other pedals. 

James Bailey
host: Electric Storm / A Missing Sense
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