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Re: Pathetic request (Programming the FCB1010)

You just have to get your head around Behringer's terminology regarding the
unit.  It took me a while, too.  The second time I tried it, I figured it

There are ten "banks."  A "bank" is a group of ten "presets" (the ten
footswitches).  Preset = pedal/button/footswitch, whatever you want to call
the things numbered from 0-9 that you step on on the unit and expect to 
fancy messages to your other improperly configured gear.  You are "in"
whatever number bank the LEDs display on the unit.  You change banks with
the UP and DOWN pedals.

A "preset" can send several messages SIMULTANEOUSLY including midi
note-on/off, a MIDI continuous controller , and a program change.  I think
they are thinking of it more to send program changes to a guitar amp or
effects box or something, because once you step on a "preset" its light
comes on and you can change banks, and come back to it and it will still be
lit showing you what "preset" you're using.  If you're doing something like
sending MIDI notes to control an EDP it doesn't make much sense to call it 
"preset."  Also, until you press another preset (i.e. button 0-9), the two
expression pedals behave using the parameters contained in the last preset
you hit.  So, if you want a whole *bank* of *presets* where expression 
1 is volume of your EDP, and expression pedal 2 is feedback, then you need
to program each preset so that the pedals are ON, and they are sending
controller 07, and controller 01 (for a default EDP configuration).

Once you're in edit mode (by first selecting [with your foot] the preset 
want to edit, and then pressing and holding the DOWN pedal until the green
LED starts blinking, then you press UP to confirm that you want to continue
editing the preset) whatever pedal lights are lit up, are the messages that
are being sent.  I think most of the presets on a unit from the factory are
sending program change, and have the two expression pedals set to volume,
and pan.  If you do not want to send a program change message from this
"preset" and the LED over pedal 1 is lit, then you need to step on it until
it goes out.  See how it says "PROG CHG 1" over that there pedal?  Problem
solved.  If you decide instead that you do want to send a program change
from that preset (pedal), then just hold down the 1 pedal until the light
comes on.   To edit the value of a program change, CC, note-on/off just 
on the pedal briefly and it should begin to flash (only if you have enabled
it with a held press, and the LED over the function is on though).  Hit the
UP button to confirm you want to edit the data.  Then, if it's a note, it
will ask you to input a MIDI note.  If it's a program change it will ask 
for a program change.

Bleh...  You set the channels for the different functions from the global
edit mode which you get to by holding the down pedal while the unit boots

Sheesh.  Why do I have to rewrite Behringer's shitty manual?  What am I
doing with my life.  Figure it out.  Or buy someone beer to do it for you.
Silly me.

Anyway, I tried.  Hope this helps someone, or at least encourages someone 
give their FCB1010 that they threw in the closet another try.  It really
does make sense after you mess with it enough.


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Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 7:57 PM
Subject: Pathetic request

> Hello folks,
> I have what I'm sure will strike you as the most pathetic request in
> the history of the Looping-list.  I am a long-time user of the Repeater
> (and other devices too).  I just got a Behringer FCB1010 to be able to
> do more with it with my feet and I CAN'T STOMACH LEARNING TO PROGRAM
> IT!!!  I'm just so sick of learning to do this kind of stuff - I'm just
> a lowly musician, for dog's sake!  Are there any Toronto or
> South-Western Ontario loopers or MIDIphiles who could be bribed,
> liquored, or otherwise compensated for doing this dirty deed for me,
> please?  If so, please reply off-list to fcbhelp@macrophone.org and we
> can talk about how to proceed.
> Thanks very much!
> Yours in shame,
> ben grossman