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Re: silent

Hi Markus,

I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but Christof Migone 
released a CD called "Quieting" on Alien8 Recordings 
(http://www.alien8recordings.com). Each track of sound (all supposedly 
originating from a 23 second recording - included as one of the tracks - 
of the noon-day cannon fired at the Citadel in Halifax, Nova Scotia) is 
accompanied by another of the same length which is totally silent.

On a somewhat more amusing note (sorry, bad pun), a few months ago I was 
out walking my dog. Laying on somebody's lawn looking lonely, was a CD-R. 
No case, cover, or label, even hand-written. Figured I'd pick it up just 
in case there was anything interesting on it. Put it in my CD player, 
which said there were 27 tracks. Pressed play. Nothing. After a minute or 
so I skipped to the next track. Nothing. Same with the next. And the next. 
Decided to try cranking the volume in case it was just something very 
quiet. Nope. The track times were all different, but nary a peep on any of 
them. Come to think of it, I don't remember if any were 4' 33". If you 
like, I could dub you a copy ;-).

On the topic of silent LP tracks, there was actually something once, 
called "The Nothing Album," which was apparently an entire LP with no 
sounds. I was kind of curious when I saw it, but for some reason didn't 
want to plonk down the $5 for it.

James Bailey
host: Electric Storm / A Missing Sense
CKLN-FM 88.1 Toronto www.ckln.fm