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RE: Rack Bags...

> even though the sort of stuff us musos schlepp about is small-fry
> compared with some of the skis and snowboards I've seen. and
> please feel free to ask more- I've just run out of time, not stories. 

But the the magic key for air travel is weight and not size. Being
someone who has traveled with skis, snowboards, and sometimes both,
these items usually don't generate any grief because they are pretty
lightweight for their size.

A friend of mine just flew into Detroit with full rack in tow. He
carried his instrument on the plane. The rest had to go in the hold.
Apparently the weight allowance (at least for United) has recently
been reduced to 50lbs a bag so a fair amount of time had to be
spent splitting items between rack case and suitcase so that
neither of them went over. I think both weighed in at about 49lbs
when he boarded. But ... no grief and no damage.