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Re: Berne/Torn bbc download

> I feel a little dense, but I cannot find the Torn/Berne set at the BBC.
>  Can anyone enlighten me.  There's nothing on the November 21st show and
>  there is one
>  Tim Berne Trio (sans David) show on November 14th.
>  What am I missing?

patience :-)

it's not broadcast till Friday, 
and will be available for the following week

 <A HREF="http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/jazz/jon3/jon3.shtml">Click here: 
BBC - 
Radio 3 - Jazz on 3 home page</A>

(i think that's the Torn gig)

there's also a "did Zappa play jazz" 3 part doc,
part one  online now, though there appears to
be too many people trying to access it at the moment.

As has been mentioned before, the bbc radio3 site 
is a good place to search out interesting music.

andy butler