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Re: Silent

I had the incredible opportunity of seeing Brian Eno speak a week or so 
ago...he related how some jukeboxes used to have silent records on them, 
so a patron could drop a nickel and enjoy three minutes of silence.  He 
said he'd love to buy a jukebox and fill it up with those records, so 
one could sample all the different versions of silence. 

He's part of this foundation which is an example of some amazing (and 
very applicable) thinking:


(really funny moment - he had some of his cds with him, and while 
answering audience questions, played some snatches of Discreet Music as 
well as his new cd which is made of bell tones.  Then, about five 
minutes into the lulling first track of "Music for Airports", he snapped 
"oh, turn that crap off.")

Daryl Shawn