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RE: Kid Antrim music

Most things that require a participation fee are more times than not scams.
It's just as scammy as paying to play. As cheap as it is to manufacture 
these days I am sure the majority of that $50 will go into the pockets of
the "promoters", and I doubt record labels have time to sit through and
listen to a compilation of bands that they will probably never work with.

You should also ask yourself - what will the distro company get out of 
In the slim chance that a label actually does listen to this cd, what if a
label likes your music - will they go through the distribution company or
directly to you?

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Hi Fellow loopers,
For a couple of months i was approached by this
distribution company and they want to put one of my
self produced recorded song in their sampler
compilation.They charge 50.00Dlls and they do not pay
any royalties since they claim that their compilations
are only distributed to record labels and radio
stations.Anybody acquainted with them?

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