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help needed : using M-audio Quattro card with Cubase SX

I'm trying to set up an an M-Audio Quattro USB card on a laptop which
uses cubase SX.

Quattro setup: (cf. typical setup #1 in Quattro doc. p.12)
Instrument (or looper) is connected to Quattro input 1, 
Quattro output 1 is connected to mixing board,
I can hear the instrument on my sound system OK. 
Quattro USB cable is connected to the laptop.
I reinstalled it with the "latest" drivers found on their web site.

Cubase (has been re installed a few times with no result.):
the Quattro is installed, it appears in the Cubase Devices VST Inputs menu,
I use ASIO/EASI mode.
Track input is Entree 1 which matches the VST input refering to the 
Quattro input 1,
track output is Bus 1, track is record enabled, monitor On or Off does not 
anything to the problem.

when I (try to) record, it seems nothing gets recorded in Cubase.

Looks to me like a Cubase config pbm which could make sense
since I have no experience with it.

Any help about what I am missing would be greatly appreciated.
You can contact me offline at fr.lebrun@free.fr if you wish.

Thanks in advance