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Hello and Intros

Hi everyone,

I tried to subscribe last week and posted one question and
found that my ISPs aggressive spam-blocking was prohibiting
any mails from coming back.

So I've switched my subscription to a different address, all
seems to be well, and figured it was time for introductions.

My name is Glenn Poorman and I am a solo Chapman Stick performer
from the Detroit area. I've been a long standing member of the
StickWire mailing list and I'm pretty sure there is a fair bit
of overlap here.

In the most rudimentary form, I've been a looping musician
since the early 80s when I made sorry attempts to do
frippertronics type stuff with my Roland SDE-1000 digital
delay and my guitar. After I switched over to playing mostly
Stick in the late 90s, I revisited the looping scene after
hearing Guillermo Cides and Diego Souto mix Stick playing
with loops. I picked up a Line6 DL4 to start with and later
switched over to the Echoplex Digital Pro. Recently I've
added a second Echoplex in order to run in stereo but the
old one needs some modification before this is put to full
use. Today, I think I've only scratched the surface of the
EDP capabilities.

So that's my condensed story. I'm in a place right now where
I'm feeling an urge to dive even further into the looping world
which is what brought me here.

Glenn Poorman (www.detroitstick.com)