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Re: Check out Tracks Across the Universe - Jim Brenholts

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> just got an e-mail from this fellow as he will be in my neck of the woods
> tomorrow, i have no idea who he is but thought that his book might be of
> to some..... http://www.aucourantrecords.com/books/tracks/tracks.shtml 
Across the Universe - Jim Brenholts

Jim is a geaat guy.  I've known him for years, ever sinve we met at a 
in Philadelphia.  (He drove in from Pittsburgh.)  Last time I saw him was 
April when I drove vidnaObmana to Pittsburgh to play a concert.  Jim was 
too, of course.  He is very knowledgable and I HIGHLY recommend his book.  
it comes with three CDs of TOP SHELF electronic music from the best and the
unknown.  Jim sent me a CDR version about two years before the book 
actually got
published.  It has a permanent home in the CD case that I take to the radio
station when I do my shows.


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