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an enjoyable looping weekend

I had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of loop event related days this 

First I went and saw Andre LaFosse and Jon Wagner play solo and together in
Mountain View
and then today I drove to Oakland to Kim Flint's house and watched a
superbly informative
(I have three pages of notes and I thought I was getting the hang of the
EDP) Echoplex
clinic by the same two guys.

It was really cool because Andre practically never lets a loop play for any
length of time, preferring to
slice and dice and morph his looped music.  He is so fantastic at this: the
best I've seen, frankly.

Then Jon is more like myself: interested in the stacking layers of
repetitive rhythms.  It was a great contrast in styles
and a nice compliment to each other.

Kim Flint was there, of course and constantly provided a backdrop of  
detailed and knowledgeable information on the

I had a blast and don't even know why I'm posting it, except that I'm so
jazzed about how much I learned and how turned on
I am by looping and wanted to share it with someone.