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Claude Voit Recreating loop recordings live

----->  I wrote Claude once and asked him what all went into the
recording--it is possible to automate things with a sequencer, I have no
idea how he does what he does--it would be enjoyable to "See What" he is
doing--maybe a video is in order?
PS  Yes, I would pay $19.95 for a video
Or better yet Claude, come to Southern California for a concert 8^)
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>---->  Claude is the exception to my little rule--the recording (See What?
>was loop driven, and used some sequences, so the live presentation is
>probably closer to the record.

as close as free interpretations are. See What? was recorded in real
time in a "real" studio and contains composed and improvised parts.
There are no prerecorded loops, as far as I know, just some Yamaha
RMX (?) sequences.
Definitally a great CD!


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