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RE: Ableton Live vs. hardware looper (Overdub)

>  > > to record input at a basic level, but I can't figure out how to get
>>  > a loop to overdub.
>  > You can't do that in Live. Only by running a delay plug-in on a track,
>>  but that's rather limiting.
>Wouldn't recording onto a different channel/track be considered
>overdubbing? If so, and I think the definition of overdubbing is that,
>with independent control of levels, pan, etc---

I would not recommend to use it like that.
Sure, in the studio, it means to add tracks, but to keep comunication 
clear, I suggest that we keep the definition of the Overdub function 
in the looping realm for "layering into the same sound file".
The main advantage of Overdub is that there is no limit for the 
number of layers, so it can never be imitated with separate tracks 
and I think it will continue to be a interesting function even when 
we have several tracks.


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