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Re: send me Zen Engine!

Please send me a copy of Zen Engine. 
Luis Angulo 
6817 Parkside Ave.
San Diego 92139

>     Hi folks, this is Jeff Bragg.  I just wanted to
> mention that my new album "Zen Engine" will be
> released at the end of November and to celebrate I'm
> giving ten copies away free to the next ten people
> that email the list and write, "send me Zen Engine!"
>  Please do not email my personal address, just the
> Looper's Delight list.
>     "Why," you might ask yourself, "would I be
> interested in this?"
>     Well, not only does "Zen Engine" contain ten
> wonderful compositions (by me) loaded with tons of
> loopy madness conjured up in my studio, it also is
> infested with the loops of folks such as David Torn,
> Bill Laswell and others.
>     If you'd like to hear an example of the music on
> "Zen Engine", just got to:
> http://tuned.universe.home.mindspring.com/Music.htm
>     Thanks all and good luck,
>     Jeff Bragg
>     http://tuned.universe.home.mindspring.com


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