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Now THAT's list abuse!!!! Re: No Good deed ... was Re:Listabuse? (was...Completely Free)

To be honest, and its just my humble opinion, (informed by my life 
experience, such as it is ), this response is a classic example of 
list abuse. The writer presumes to speak for the entire group here, 
and makes no attempt to state what is 'uninformed' about my posts.

At 1:25 PM -0800 11/21/03, Nic Roozeboom wrote:
>>A gentle post (offering a free CD) deserves a gentle response 
>>(suggesting that the poster would have been better to  ask users to 
>>direct their responses off-list).
>>An un-gentle post (calling the person who offered the CD abusive) 
>>deserves a less gentle response.
>In any case, we'd like responses to be informed. Otherwise, best to 
>refrain from comment.

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"Freedom is a scary thing --- So precious, so easy to lose".
      --  Laurie Anderson -- post 9.11

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