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very OT: Music venues in London.

Sorry about the OT post, but this was the best place to maybe get some ideas....
I am popping across the pond for a couple of weeks starting this Saturday, November 22nd for two weeks.  The first of the two weeks will be spent hitting various spots around the country.  The second of those two weeks, i'll be in London.  I'm sure there are people on the list from London, or those who have been there that can help.
I'm looking for the names of some music clubs, venues, etc. to check out.  Good jazz clubs, experimental music, looping, i'm game to check stuff out in London, anytime from say November 30 to December 5th.  Any tips appreciated.  Don't know the city very well, so the more details the better!
I'm UNSUBSCRIBING from the list while i'm gone (and its VERY OT), so please don't respond on-list.  Drop me an email at:
(Take out the "<", was put in to avoid spam)
thanx so much to anyone who can enrich my little foray to the British Isles and so very sorry that my country's "leader" has chosen to show up there.