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Mackin' on promoting oneself

Jesse wrote:
"This fool is just hoping that people will just reply to his free CD mail
and include his message's text in their replies so he gets his name in the
LD list archives a bunch of times.  So, when anyone does a search for David
T. or Bill L. they'll come up with his name, too.   Fucking marketing slut.

Jeez, Jesse,

That's such  cynical and judgemental thing to say (assuming you are not
being jokingly sarcastic).....................have you never tried to get
your music out to the world?

It's really difficult.     I actually thought his approach was rather
straightforward and honest (even if I thought it
would have been better to ask for replies offlist).

      This community is NOT like the music business.   People aren't
scheming to try and put things over on people.
We're all trying to use these hard and software paradigms to be creative 
make some music.   Without obvious
stylistic boundaries it is frequently difficult to get our stuff placed in
stores or reviewed by magazines, so it really necessitates
novel ways of getting it all out there.

    I hope you are met by more support the next time you try and get your
music heard by anybody.    I'd love to hear it
(particularly because you seem bright and aggressive) and I'll never get 
chance unless you figure out a way to get our collective attention.

yours,   Rick