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RE: a general question

> From: Lance Chance [mailto:lrc8918@louisiana.edu]
> whoever cares to reply.   you consider your loop work:
> 1 totally ambient, atonal, arrhythmic
> 2
> 3 a little of both, some of both (rhythmic, but atonal) (atonal, but
> rhythmic)
> 4
> 5 song oriented, rhythmic, tonal

Basically all #5 right now, and I'm STILL struggling with trying to cram 
round peg of my current looping hardware (Repeater) into the square hole of
AABA song formats.

> i'm just curious.   i do both.  right now i'm mainly working with some
> pretty freaky vocal stuff.  a "1" from above.  however, i have
> done lots of
> guitar and bouzouki work that was very "musical" or "song oriented".   
> sure this question has been brought up before, but the list changes all 
> the time.  also: why do you do what you do and what do you think of the
> other side of the coin?

Well, I do what I do because that's all I've ever known. I played drums for
six years when I was a kid/teenager, and I've played guitar for almost 30
years after that. Maybe it's just geezer mentality, but I'm programmed to
think in 'trad song format.

It's not that I haven't TRIED to do a little "ambient/textural" looping. 
I always end up with this big wall-'o-sound, with no clear exit point or
development. I know that's because I just don't spend enough time doing
this. But I'm not sure I really want to spend time working on it, when 
are still things to be done with looping in the traditional song format

Mike Barrs