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Sned Me Zen Engine, ad CD exchange in general Re: And Now ForSomething Completely Free

At 10:56 AM -0500 11/20/03, The Tuned Univerese - Webmaster wrote:
>Hi folks, this is Jeff Bragg.  I just wanted to mention that my new 
>album "Zen Engine" will be released at the end of November and to 
>celebrate I'm giving ten copies away free to the next ten people 
>that email the list and write, "send me Zen Engine!"  Please do not 
>email my personal address, just the Looper's Delight list.
>"Why," you might ask yourself, "would I be interested in this?"
>Well, not only does "Zen Engine" contain ten wonderful compositions 
>(by me) loaded with tons of loopy madness conjured up in my studio, 
>it also is infested with the loops of folks such as David Torn, Bill 
>Laswell and others.
>If you'd like to hear an example of the music on "Zen Engine", just got 
>Thanks all and good luck,
>Jeff Bragg

Hi Jeff, (and anyone else on the list)

Send me a CD of your work and I'll burn you a CDR called Data From 
Recent Experiments that I did last year. Mostly loopy inprovs with a 
nord modular

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