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This looper is in New York, from Chicago, Dec. 4 thru 14

I'll be in New York soon, performing "The Palmer Raids" with Plasticene. 
The show runs for two weekends, from Dec. 4 through Dec. 14, at the Ohio 
Theater in SoHo.

I create the sound/music in realtime via looping (EDP) and processing on 
the laptop (Max/MSP): no prerecorded sounds. Sonic sources are solely 
from the actors' voices, their breath, and those received from our 
limited set of props.

"The Palmer Raids" is a theatrically and politically charged re-telling 
of a chain of historical events that fundamentally changed American 
history - the fallout and backlash from a rash of vicious terrorist 
bombings that crossed the nation in 1919. Through trademark athleticism, 
daring action and mind-blowing image, Plasticene takes the simplicity of 
three folding tables, 16 folding chairs, four lamps, some boxes and an 
overhead projector into the thrilling complexity of The Palmer Raids."

If you would like to make a reservation please call 212-613-3173 or 
visit: http://www.plasticene.com/

Best regards,

Upcoming Performances & Events: 
Home page: http://pages.ripco.net/~eleon