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Re: And Now For Something Completely Free

this is an abuse of this list.

fine, post notice of your new recording, but don't have people spam this list to get one

and people wonder why LD doesn't retain more readers


The Tuned Univerese - Webmaster wrote:
Hi folks, this is Jeff Bragg.  I just wanted to mention that my new album "Zen Engine" will be released at the end of November and to celebrate I'm giving ten copies away free to the next ten people that email the list and write, "send me Zen Engine!"  Please do not email my personal address, just the Looper's Delight list.
"Why," you might ask yourself, "would I be interested in this?"
Well, not only does "Zen Engine" contain ten wonderful compositions (by me) loaded with tons of loopy madness conjured up in my studio, it also is infested with the loops of folks such as David Torn, Bill Laswell and others.
If you'd like to hear an example of the music on "Zen Engine", just got to:
Thanks all and good luck,
Jeff Bragg