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Re: Is anyone in contact with Luis Angulo?

Hi Rick here i am baby!
Somehow our mails are being Spammed i havenīt gotten
any from you and i have written you a few times
without response from you i had a virus in my PC
ruined one of my hardrives and my PC specialist
installed a new one for me and reformated
everything.He also put a firewall on my PC and did
some flitering tricks to my outlook so i donīt know if
this has something to do with it.
I hope you get this message just go ahead and response
to this adress.

IRTUALLY--- "loop.pool" <rickwalker@looppool.info>
> I have some very time sensitive information for Luis
> Angulo
> and I'm afraid that his e-mail program's spam filter
> may be filtering
> out my messages to him.
> If anyone is in contact with him would you please
> let him know that
> it is very important to contact me as soon as is
> possible:
> He should write to all three of these e-mail
> addressed to make sure that he
> reaches me:
> looppool@cruzio.com
> rickwalker@cruizio.com
> purplehand@hotmail.com
> Thanks very much,
> Rick Walker


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