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RE: Controllers & Expression Pedals (PC1600[X] subthread)

Title: RE: Controllers & Expression Pedals (was: FCB1010 wishlist)
 >> if you are brave, or skilled, or foolish this mod for adding 16 external controller inputs to the PC1600X might interest you:
um- yeah, that's more or less what I meant... I think I've seen this page before. I remember thinking
a) yes, that's what I would've done, use the existing faders to scale the voltage available to the pedals, and
b) why didn't he use stereo jacks that reconnect the fader when the plug is pulled out?
I've done exactly the same modification to a few midi keyboards to add a pedal/socket to the volume control. it's absolutely beyond me why evolution/roland/whomever would leave this feature off of otherwise reasonably good midi controller keyboards. the cost of a stereo jack socket, for god's sake. arranged so that the volume control works normally when there's no pedal, and so that it scales the max vol when there is a pedal.


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