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Delay based rhythm tracks vs. sequences (or is loop based music intrinsically truthful)

In a message dated 11/18/03 11:56:15 PM Eastern Standard Time,
relaydelayband@earthlink.net writes:

I am starting to consider a different approach

yes gary.....please go on.....:)m

------->Well, ya know . . . most folks like songs, with words they can
relate to--but in my solitude, I pretty much just make crap up, like most 
the rest of you--certainly not doo doo as fully realized as say Claude Voit
or Andre LaFosse or perhaps Mark Sotillaro, but spontaneous shit
So this weekend at the craft festival in Vegas, when I did my loop
presentation I noodled jes' like in private--I did play Frere Jacques to
demonstarte the concepts, as well as the first cut from Claude's solo 
that six note guitar knuckle buster, and Sweet Georgia Brown, but I did not
sing--and no harmonica while I record a rhythm track (hey, I do recommend
that for you acoustic guitar guys tho, most of whom probably already use
this trick with vocals).  In other words, I trusted my audience more.  And
that's different than the one man band I have worked out with the Ztar, a
tone module and a drum module and two EDPs that emulates a band.  Scuse me
while I put the caps on--
THAT'S WHAT THE SEQUENCES ARE FOR!  OK, caps off--but my point is, if the
audience wants me to "put a record on", any impromptu delay generated
performance is less appropriate . . . not that "covers" are not for 
just that the DJ/karaoke crowd places greatest value on the most faithful
Ultimately any artist must be true to themselves, and live loop based music
is intrinsically truthful (hey, let's start a thread about that).  I guess
that would be the different approach--letting go of any expectations of
audience comprehensibility.
So I will still generate drums and bass and play guitar with the Ztar
setup--but I will probably not try to cover Sweet Home Alabama or On The
Road Again--it does no good and it annoys the pig.