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Re: FCB1010 cutting corners

     In response to the statement that Behringer could have used a $3.00 
chip instead of a $1.50
chip...  I wonder what the actual cost to the consumer would be with a 
$1.50 increase in materials
cost?  Of course, $1.50 doesn't sound like much to concern yourself with, 
though if it did make a
$20 price increase at the end, this is a significant thing to factor in 
(from the marketing point
of view anyway).  Does anyone have a sense of this?  Kim??? others???


<<Behringer cut a lot of corners, most likely to maintain some overall 
cost of the unit (which is probably the number one reason why the unit 
so well, sadly).  They chose a serial EEPROM chip (the main non-volitile
storage chip - permanent memory) which is only 2Kbytes big.  This is a 
chip. For about $3.00 they could have used a pin-for-pin chip from the same
manufacturer which is 64Kbytes big (32 times the storage for only twice the
price).  Note for all you tweakers that this is a tiny surface mount chip
soldered directly on the board, so its not easy for a trained tech to
change, let alone a random user.>>

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