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Re: 2nd looper options

"loop.pool" wrote:

> Hey John, about adding a cheap sampler to your EDP +,
> unless you want a second looper for longer ambient kinds of things,
> I highly recommend the DL-4 at $250.
> I love this device.  It is so simple to use and has a lot of options
> (half, double, backwards, forwards, one time trigger, addition of echoes
> with modulation
> and feedback options) not to mention the fact that it is a great  echo
> machine of the past emulator.
> I use an insert to go from my Mackie 1402VLZ board to my DL4 (well, 
> a Digitech Vocal300 first)
> and then back into the board where I use my EDP and my Repeater for
> resampling possibilities.
> It also has really good fidelity compared to and even besting some of the
> more expensive samplers, and it
> has two ins and two outs (that are not true stereo but still allow one to
> have to sources feed the machine).
> I love it John.   Try one out if you get a chance.      It is limited,
> unfortunately to 14 seconds of normal bandwidth looping but I use it
> primarily as either a groove looper or a phrase sampler so that doesn't 
> me too much.
> yours,   rick walker (and hey, 90% of my last live cd was done using 
>only 2
> of these models.........I got my first Repeater shortly before I put the 
> out).

Thanks for the suggestion Rick.  I actually had a DL-4 that I traded to a
friend.  It had some problems with the switches.  I did consider getting
another one, and perhaps I still will.  It seems like the Boss RC-20 might 
my needs a bit better.  My plan is to use the second looper primarily as a
vocal looper and an ambient looper, and use the EDP for the more rhythmic

Thanks again,