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Re: MP3.com Gone by December 2, 2003

Title: RE: MP3.com Gone by December 2, 2003
Yeah, a buddy of mine took issue with the agreement at garageband.com that was very ambiguous about them owning the copyright to any images (including your band's logo, and/or promo shots) that you uploaded to their site.  He eventually got them to change some of the wording in their user agreement.  Not sure about the details though...  Be wary, ye who seeketh sites such as these. 
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Sent: Monday, November 17, 2003 12:14 PM
Subject: Re: MP3.com Gone by December 2, 2003

After mp3.com announced that one might or might not own the copyrights of one's own work on their site, I pulled everything but my arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner, and put links to LEGITIMATE music sites there.  I mean, what're they gonna do, steal The National Anthem?  I have received no notice beyond reading it in the news posts online.  Hell, I don't even get divorce papers! 
No loss to the music community, that one.  Created the rip-em-off model for online music.
Steve Goodman