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Re: Node at Mobius Artrages, Saturday Nov. 22

Perhaps Dan should have put BOSTON in the subject line.
Thanks for the heads up.

But for those in the North American northeast, i can't stress
enough how WONDERFUL it is to hear Dan Soltzberg do his Ghost 7
live bass thing!

This guy is so exciting to see and hear live!  I hope folks can
pardon the subject line gig spam location faux pas.  If you're
in Florida, it MAY just be worth your while to fly up and hear
what's happening with one of the most RIVETING live looping
performers i've EVER had the priviledge to hear.

Ghost 7 is the bomb.  I CAN'T WAIT for the next Orange gig....
Keep up the good work, Dan!

-peter koniuto

>What mailing list is this, and how did I get on it?  Is this show in 
>Boston? I live in Florida.