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Re: edp -midi foot controller

In a message dated 15/11/03 06:33:05 GMT Standard Time, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com writes:

> hi,
>  thanks Andy Butler for you response to my last questions.   Here are my 
>  latest QUESTIONS:
>  i cant get my midi foot controller to control (directmidi) my echoplex. 
>  i need to program each midi action, or something?  how?
>  both controller and echoplex are set to chnl 1, the source # is 36, and 
>  control source is set to 'note' [i also tried controlsource=cntrl ].

OK, leave the edp as is.

you need to program the FCB1010 to send Note-Ons for each function
you want.
So you need to look up the correct Note-on nos. in the EDP docs.
Then take a deep breath and open the FCB1010 manual.
It's easy enough if you just work through step by step,
it's just that there's more steps tha you'd expect.

If you search the ld archives, there's more detailed instructions.

andy butler