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> However, there is something to be said for basic statistics here, and we
> could eliminate the "outliers" from the data before we compile it.  That
> would involve dropping the low occurances... ie, those that were only
> once or twice across the entire population.
> ---->  I think a great example here is the MPX G2--does anyone really use
> this as their main looper?
> Gary

Careful.  That's not what Rick's question really asked.  He simply asked
what devices people are using to loop.  Apparently, 2 people do use the
device for looping...  One is Steve Lawson, and the other is.... YOU! :)

On this thought - one way to handle this might be to drop the outliers (the
MPX G2 might meet that definition) from the compilation and summary data,
but to leave all of the raw data intact.  I'd include a description of how 
decided which data to exclude, and the total number of devices/owners
affected, as a preamble to the summary data.

Other thoughts?  Make it quick.  Tomorrow is the last day!