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Re: Looping Bluegrass

  lol!   I thought it was G C D mostly...    lollollol!   

At 09:11 PM 11/12/03 -0800, you wrote:
>Works well--it's very AABB . . .
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>Subject: Re: Oakland Clinic/Gig Spam: Jon Wagner and Andre LaFosse
>  <smile>  Ya mean duel EDPs or Dueling EDPs?!   lol!  Has anyone actually
>ever tried bluegrass on an EDP?  -or how about an EDP on bluegrass?!!!
>-Maybe they could make one that works on something other than electricity.
>lol!  -or maybe I should say <squeak> instead.   <smile>  
>  Have a wonderful gig!, -wish I could be there...   


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