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Proj Obj again!!!

  I had the pleasure of seeing Project Object yet again, on Mon. eve.  
  The show was utterly FANTASTIC!, and as usual, the guys were total
sweeties!   <smile>   
  they had an opening act this time around, and lo and behold, he was a
looper!  He called himself, Me, Myself, and I, and performed material
featuring his playing not only different musical passages to create loops,
but playing different instruments to create them.  So he created quite the
array of tones.  
  Oh, and almost forgot, NO AMBIENCE!   WOOHOO!    lol!  -Though the loops
were fairly static, once created, they definitely had grooves going on, and
song structure within them.  Brian Helm (another LD'er) and I, contributed
a little more rhythm to the mix with chopsticks and a couple of glasses.
Hey!, a few odd-timed polyrhythms never hurt anyone!   lol!  
  Project Object then  played an incredibly super-charged, emotional
couple of sets which were fortunately recorded.  So we're excited to hear
  I can't stress enough, that you should definitely go see these guys when
they come near where you are!  In addition to being simply sublime
musicians, they're just such wonderfully nice people.  Go and support them,
and say hi, you'll have an awesome time!...  




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