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Re: Y2K3 sampler CD(s) in progress...

Well thanks for those kind words, Mark!

Tonight I just finished mixing and EQuing and adjusting levels of all of 
pieces I would like to use for the Santa Cruz Looping Festival Y2K3 CD(s),
one piece from each person!!! It is my way of creating the illusion that I
still live in a democracy. The big tent. With room for everybody. No one
refused. (I was not even tempted to exclude anyone, there were fine
performances by all).

And I am in the process of posting the last of the MP3s so each musician 
hear (privately) the piece of theirs that I have chosen. I have worked
pretty much non stop for a month on it. It went from hot autumn to cold
winter weather and from a hazzardous dry fire season to end of fire season
and wet ground. while I worked.

What I most need from everyone is several paragraphs that I can put up on 
(under reconstruction) website to describe their work, a bit about
themselves and how looping and related equipment fits into actualizing 
musical conception. Live particularly but also in the studio. And a title
for their piece and links for how people can get their CDs and find out
about their future performances. Time for a bit of self permotion here. I
can always add and change, but it would be great if the project can keep 
momentum to some sort of completion. Trust me, I have other audio projects 
would like to get to as well, when we have a result here.

I sense musicians do not like to write about themselves, they play instead
of write, as a personal expression. I became a painter, and now a recording
artist, or rather an artist who records, so I would not have to give
speeches, like politicians. (However, I have found I can talk myself out of
a paper bag any day of the week! Now if I can just learn to stay out of the
paper bags...)

I hope I am proven wrong on this theory of mine by getting some written
input sent to me by the musicians and this year, and not next. My computer
must be set to reject certain categories of attachments, perhaps long ones,
I do not yet know. If you can send the material in the email as opposed to
an attachment, I may have better luck getting it.

Looking forward to hearing from all when they get my already sent and soon
to be sent emails and MP3 URLs.


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> Yes, Robin has done a wonderful job slaving over the files to get good
> of the room mics with the direct sends.
> Mark