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Y2K3 Photos and the Y2K3 sampler CD in progress

I'm burning copies of the CD as we speak and George Demarest has graciously
volunteered to put them up in the next week or so.

thanks, Mark, Ted (and his bitch dog photographer slave, Scoots Galore) for
taking all these wonderful pictures.

I was so overwhelmed by trying to coordinate things, MC all 27 artist
performances and play several times myself that I missed a lot of things 
these photos really brought back what an incredible weekend Y2K3 was.
Thanks for documenting it for us.

by the way,  Robin Haas is doing really great work distilling the whole
exerience into
a sample CD (and possibly CDs).  I really hope that all the artists who
performed will give him the consent to release this materiall to the 
I've heard some of the tracks and they came out fantastically and would do
the live looping community really well if they were released to the public.

Please send him your tacit approval if you can find it in your heart to do

yours,  Rick