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Daryl's cassette looping

Title: Daryl's cassette looping
DARYL-please get that article written SOON! i could always use some
more insight/pointers/help (when i use my tascam porta05)!!!

Tascam 464 4-track w/loop cassette
Yamaha MT-100 4-track w/loop cassette
Sony M-2000 minicassette transcriber (just bought last week, and my cheapest gear ever - $6!  amazing potential)
DOD r-880 analog delay
Digitech 1002 stompbox delay
Ibanez DE-7 stompbox echo/delay
As soon as I face up to the reality of committing my lovely analog noise to digital, I'm going to make some mp3's and an article on cassette looping techniques...I'm still finding new possibilities.  plus it's cheap! my (all used) entire setup above cost less then $250...

Daryl Shawn