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Re: music and freedom

Il giorno 10-11-2003 1:10, David Collin, sfradia@msn.com ha scritto:

>> Best wishes
>> Per Boysen
>> www.boysen.se
>> Well great music may be subversive, but usually it is the way it's used
>> that is subversive,take Hitler's use of Wagner to give a soundtrack to 
>> exploits, or take our own prezBUSH, who like his mentor Hitler(Hitler's
>> rise to power was financially backed by GW Bush's grandfather ,Prescott
>> Bush ,before the US courts seized the business,ironically the profits of
>> the factories backed by Bush and worked to death by Jewish slaves,were
>> given back to Bush at the end of the war,making it easy to support Bush
>> the1st as well as Bush the 2nd's rise to power.Too bad Hitler didn't 
>have a
>> son or he might be running for US prez w/Bush support!!)Bush used rock
>> songs to give some semblance of populist support to his 
>> Complex financed campaign, before Springsteen complained(they didn't ask
>> him for usage rights). Even manuel noriega was assaulted by heavy metal
>> music by US special forces in an attempt to drive him out of his hiding
>> place, yeah the brains behind the lies of our current political reality 
>> be ad agencies,and even if they aren't right wing, born again,nazi 
>> dictators like Bush, they still have BAD taste in music,we can smell it
>> from a distance, I only hope the future slaves of the world can smell it
>> before it's too late!!..RR
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I live in Italy...
I didn't voted berlusconi...
I'm asking myself, listening your interesting discussion, wath music can do
againsta this "president"
very difficult answer is going on and where?
I don't know
but I'm listening my no wagnerian music out of television and media fucking
italian tv...

best wishes to you