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Echo Pro questions


I use the Line6 Echo Pro as my main looper. Starting to use it with my 
acquired and modified foot controller and coming up against a couple of 
that I don't understand.

1. the programme numbers beyond 100 are for specific looper functions (and
selection of the delay models). they don't completely correspond to those
listed in the manual - its OK because they're straightforward to work out 
nonetheless, its a bit strange. Anybody else found this?

2. I thought that I'd use this cluster of programmes 101 onwards to select
various looper functions from my MIDI foot controller and it works 
when the looper is selected from the front panel - I can use the 
that I've programmed to carry out the looper functions that I want.
However, If
I have a delay programme selected on the front panel, my foot controller
has no
effect upon the unit. I'd expect it to be able to change programmes from, 
prog6 (lo fi delay) to the foot controller's pre-programmed looper 
Is this a fault, is there something else that I should do? or is it that
there's something about the post 99 programmes that I'm not understanding?

Anybody else using the Echo Pro like this? or do you find it easier to 
send CC
messages to control the looper?