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3 EDPs (1 Oberheim, 2 Gibsons) though I've only ever used 2 at once and one
of them (the newest Gibson) is being flakey right now. I use them as
independent but brother sync'd loops. I got the third expecting to run one
stereo pair and a mono loop, but rack space is at a bit of a premium when
not at home.

I recently picked up a Line6 DL-4 and a Line6 EchoPro and I've played a bit
with the loopers on them, but I mostly got them for the delay models.

I will use the hold feature on the Korg DL8000R or feedback control on the
Lexicon Vortex to sustain relatively short loops, but I mostly use them for
effects not looping.

I liked the answer "my brain" since I have frequently just repeated 
myself rather than using electronic assistance.

--- Past loopers ---

Digitech RDS3600 -- flaked out after about a year back in 1986. I've still
got and it's free to anyone who comes and picks it up (Santa Cruz, CA). I
would rather not have anyone expend cash to get it since I don't know
whether it's repairable.

A Roland rackmount echo whose name escapes me right now.