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Loop Tools - Raw Survey Results - Nov 2003

I've tallied all the posts that are in the LD Archive as of 10AM CST
Saturday Nov 8th.  I'm planning to leave this open for a week from Rick's
original post, which would be Friday November 14th.

Current raw results are here: http://www.mrscox.com/loopers/loopers.htm

Please check a couple of things:
1) your own data, and email me privately if you think I've inaccurately
interpreted your post
2) help me look for incorrect or "doubled" column titles (the equipment)

If you're not there yet, and you've posted to the list, please be patient.
I'm using the LD archives to walk through post by post and tally.

Once we close the survey, I can tally the results in the same format as the
1997 survey, and we can compare.