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Re: proposal for a new thread


Although I (still) aspire to an EDP, I'm using: 

In electric band: a Line6 Echo Pro controlled by my rebuilt/modified Philip
Rees MM5 MIDI pedalboard. I use it with a MIDI wind controller driving 2
modules in a rack + a keyboard.

I still have my DL4 and use it for its portability on my flute in an 
band. Mainly for delays but for some looping.

IanAt 02:37 07/11/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Digitech RP300 multi-effects pedal into Boomerang which plugs into Fender
>amp. Sometimes use an ART tube pre-amp for tone and for consistency.
>I ntend to use the Boomerang live, though I just got it a couple days ago,
>so I'm still getting used to it.
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>Subject: proposal for a new thread
>Brian wrote:
>"I think maybe the majority of the folks here are Echoplex people. Like
>someone already said, with the 'rang, you just plug it in and let her
>I think that the Echoplex is, by far, the most complex and sohpisticated 
>the hardware looper, Brian, but this brings up an interesting point.
>Why doesn't everyone send in which loopers they use live (or in the 
>and let's see what the demographic actually is on this list.
>Let's keep it simple.   as a matter of fact I'll start it off with the 
>yours,   Rick