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Re: What!?!?!?! Four (4) friggin' EDPs!?!?!?!

> In case I missed it (if you shared your rationale with the LD
> list previously), why so many? What do you use 'em all for?
> I can imagine a few things . . . but I guess it still baffles me
> a little bit considering how much the darn things cost.
> PS, My whole family has enjoyed "Conversations" and "Not
> Dancing for Chicken." I keep meaning to order the new one
> "For the Love of Open Spaces." Perhaps that'll explain the
> number of EDPs too. Anywho. I AM curious.

Hi Ted,

four EDPs is just like two EDPs only there are more of them... :o)

I don't hook them all up together too often, but if I do usually I have 
all unsync'd, and use one set to about 10 loops as a sampler, so I can just
catch little bits of sounds and melodies and bring them back in later. the
other three are likely to be chord progression or bass line in one,
atmospherics in two and weirdness/backwards/skronk stuff on the third 

But, to be honest, it's such a freakin' headache to keep track of what's
going on where, that I nearly always end up just using the two...