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RE: RE: DFX-94's, stars of the lid

nope, I know they're popular in lots of music circles, but I still haven't 
heard them yet. Curious as to how others would use these. I've been using 
them since they were new. Haven't found another looper/sampler with the 
versatility & ease of use. I bought a Dr. Sample, but now I pretty much 
use it as an FX unit.

(Unlike most loopers, I'm actually magnetically repelled from large rigs.)

"Gareth Hardwick" <gareth@olympia50.freeserve.co.uk>  done wrote:

>fan of Stars of the Lid by any chance?
>Brian McBridge from SotL used to use 2 x DFX94

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From: "matt davignon" <mattdavignon@hotmail.com>

>2  DOD DFX-94's (4-second squashbox loopers)
>That's it. Someday I'll upgrade.

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