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Depends on the context.

In my main band, Eleven Eyes, I loop on exactly one tune, I use a 
DL-4 to set up a keyboard loop for the intro of a tune, I mostly use 
the DL-4 for delays, I love the filtered tape echo patch! It's a six 
piece band, with horns, turntables, guitar and drums, and I mostly 
play bass, and it's just such a dense sound that I don't see the need 
for more clones of me in the mix. Our DJ does a lot of looping of his 
turntables, and also plays back sampled loops.

In my infrequent duo/trio gigs, I do a lot of looping, using a 
Repeater and a JamMan, with a Lexicon Vortex in the FX loop of the 
Repeater. The Repeater and JamMan are clocked from either an ER-1 or, 
lately, an Adrennalinn. There's also a Nord Micromodular playing 
step-sequenced synth loops. Sound sources are Rhodes, Nord Lead and 
MiniMoog, maybe a little bass.

I've also been considering integrating my laptop, running Reason and 
Live, into the above setup, possible replacing the Repeater and